WordPress File Upload


WordPress File Upload is a WordPress plugin. It is the successor of Inline Upload plugin.

With this plugin you, or other users, can upload files to your WordPress website from any page easily and securely by using shortcodes.

The plugins comes in two versions, professional and free. The professional version contains additional features as shown in the following comparison chart.

Version Comparison

A screenshot of the plugin in its most simple form is shown below.

Wordpress File Upload plugin simple screenshot

Simply put the shortcode [wordpress_file_upload] to the contents of any WordPress page and you will be able to upload files to any directory inside wp-contents of your WordPress site.

The features of the plugin in detail are:

  • It does not use flash and handles uploads using various technologies (HTML5, AJAX, classic HTML forms) depending on browser’s capabilities, which detects automatically. As a result it can work in any browser, including mobiles phones (even old ones).
  • You can have more than one instances of the shortcode in the same page.
  • It supports multiple file uploads (Professional version).
  • It supports drag and drop of files (Professional version).
  • It can upload files of any size, regardless of web server restrictions (Professional version).
  • The very robust upload algorithm of the plugin includes internal auto-resuming capabilities that enable uploads to continue even when there are connection problems (e.g. connection interruptions), which is very useful when uploading very large files (Professional version).
  • It includes an overall upload progress bar.
  • It includes details and progress bars for each file individually (Professional version).
  • It includes the new Google Recaptcha as a security feature for protecting against robots (Professional version).
  • It allows image files to be shown as image gallery from within the page (Professional version).
  • It supports localization.
  • Uploaded files can be added to Media, or be attached to the current page
  • It is highly customizable with many (more than 50) options.
  • It produces notification messages and e-mails.
  • You can create additional fields that the user must fill in along with the uploaded file.
  • You can select from a list of subfolders.
  • It supports redirection to another url after successful upload.
  • It supports filters and actions before and after file upload as well as before email notifications, so that programmers can extend the plugin and make it cooperate with other plugins.
  • It supports logging of upload events or management of files, which can be viewed by admins through the Dashboard.
  • You can create and edit you shortcode very easily using the included visual editor, without requiring any knowledge about shortcodes.
  • It includes a file browser in the Dashboard, from where admins can view the uploaded file and manage them.
  • It includes a css editor to better style the plugin using custom css (Professional version).
  • It supports secure (https) websites.