A unique feature of WordPress File Upload plugin is its visual editor, called Shortcode Composer. The Shortcode Composer enables the website administrators to configure the plugin easily, without any knowledge of shortcodes. This is necessary as the plugin is highly configurable with more than 50 options.

After the plugin has been installed and added into a page or post, as shown in this guide, the administrator can open the Shortcode Composer for editing that plugin instance in two ways:

From the Dashboard

      • Go to Dashboard / Settings / WordPress File Upload
      • Go to Plugin Instances table. You will see there the plugin instance you added, as shown below:
      • screenshot10
      • Press on “Plugin 1” to open the Shortcode Composer
      • Shortcode Composer separates available options in tabs. Some options require just to turn them on or off, some require text input, selection from list, color selection etc. On top of page, the shortcode text is shown. Every change made in options is automatically reflected in shortcode text. To accept the changes the “Update” button must be pressed, as shown below:
      • screenshot11
      • When “Update” button is pressed, the plugin instance will be configured according to the options selected

From the Page / Post

    • Open in browser the page or post with the plugin
    • Hover your mouse over the plugin. You will see a yellow pencil icon appearing on the top-left corner of the plugin, as shown below:
    • screenshot12
    • Press the yellow icon. The Shortcode Composer will open in a new Tab in browser (or window). If it does not open, enable popup windows in your browser.
    • Make changes using the Shortcode Composer. When you press “Update”, the page (or post) containing the plugin will automatically refresh to reflect the changes.
    • You can continue using the Shortcode Composer to make further changes, or close it.

For any further questions, please contact us.

The Iptanus Team

How to Use the Visual Editor of WordPress File Upload Plugin

88 thoughts on “How to Use the Visual Editor of WordPress File Upload Plugin

  • Hi i have one question because yesterday i´ve been trying to put upload in my webpage but just upload the files but when i check again to see the files disappear i hope a answer

  • I am trying to test your WordPress File Upload plugin. If the free version works properly we will purchase the pro version because we need multiple file support.

    The problem is that I can’t get it working. Our users have to fill in a form containing name, email address, phone number and other information. I keep getting an error:

    no base email field in group!

    I have no idea what that means. The shortcode is like this:

    [wordpress_file_upload uploadpath=”uploads/incoming/%userdata2%” fitmode=”responsive” maxsize=”80″ createpath=”true” dublicatespolicy=”maintain both” uniquepattern=”datetimestamp” placements=”title/userdata/filename+selectbutton+uploadbutton/progressbar/subfolders/message” notify=”true” notifyrecipients=”%userdata2%” notifyheaders=”” notifysubject=”Studio042 File Upload Notification” notifymessage=”Dear %userdata1%,%n%%n% This is an automatic delivery message to notify you that a new file has been uploaded to Studio042.%n%%n%We will be in touch.%n%%n%Best Regards” userdata=”true” userdatalabel=”Name|t:text|s:left|r:1|a:0|p:inline|d:/Email|t:confirmemail|s:left|r:1|a:0|p:right|g:0/Phone|t:text|s:left|r:0|a:0|p:right|d:”]

  • Hi, I am looking to put multiple file upload buttons in one page but i cannot find the multiple files upload function under the ‘basic functionalities’. I am wondering if the multiple file upload is only for the paid version. Please let me know. Thank you very much!

  • I have added the shortcode to my files page but when viewing the page, the pencil icon does not show and underneath where the pencil icon should be is a message that says ..loading visual editor that just keeps running.

  • I downloaded your plugin and set it up on a webpage.

    When I tried to use it with both a .jpg and .pdf files, I received the same error:

    Upload Failed!
    File Note Allowed!

    My host is Go Daddy. I’m wondering if there’s some security settings on Go Daddy I need to adjust?

    I’m using the default settings for your plugin

    1. It turns out the I CAN load .jpg and .pdf files, but only if they are small file sizes. Very small. I have my psp settings in Go Daddy set to 32 MB, so it shouldn’t be that. Is there a max file size of like 1 MB for the “free” version of your plugin?

        1. I get the messages that I listed above:

          Upload Failed!
          File Not Allowed!

          If I could upload files to you ( curious that I can NOT, since you are offering an UPLOAD plugin ), I would send you a screenshot.

          Thanks for any help you can provide.

    2. Hi, if the filenames of the files contain more than one dot (.) then they are not allowed by default. There is an option in the plugin to change this behaviour. Maybe this is your problem?

  • ps. I’m happy to purchase the PRO version, but I want to be sure the free version will meet my needs before doing so.

    Please help me to be able to purchase your plugin.


  • Hello,

    This plugin looks like the thing I need, but I’m having a problem with file size. Using the free version, I can only upload 12Mb files (or less). I think this is a limitation of my hosting server, but I’d like to know how to get up to 50Mb files uploaded. Any suggestions?
    I see the pro version is unlimited, how does the plug-in achieve this? I presume I’ll have the same problems with on Pro, as I have with Free?

    1. Server upload limitations can some times be modified using some php directives, like upload_max_filesize, post_max_size, max_input_time and max_execution_time.

      Nevertheless, the Pro version of the plugin does not have any restrictions. It uses a technique called “file chunking” to upload the files. It actually splits the file in many small pieces (chunks) in the user’s browser, uploads them one-by-one and re-assembles them on the server. So, it surpasses web server restrictions. Even if a chunk fails to upload, the plugin will re-upload it automatically. So, it is able to upload files of unlimited size. It has been tested with files over 10GB. File chunking is a technique used by most cloud services (like Google Drive, Dropbox etc.).



  • I am unable to update the settings/shortcode for the uploader. When I add an instance to a page I am able to use the default settings to upload an image without any issues but I am unable to use ANY custom settings because the “update” button at the top of the settings page is grayed out. I am also unable to use the visual editor on the page itself, when I click on it a pop up saying “loading visual editor” shows up but nothing ever loads…

    1. Hi Erick, probably there is an incompatibility with your theme. Do you use any Page Builder plugin for editing pages? They usually cause problems with the plugin.


  • Hi there, i get this message in the main section of the control panel:

    Iptanus Services Server is unreachable. This may cause problems in some plugin functions. Please contact for details.

    and the file list doesn´t show up once i add the shortcode, just the shortcode legens appears, could this be because of a prior version? and the lack of connection to the server to download a newer version?

    thanks a lot

    1. Hi, please go to Settings of the plugin and activate option “Use Alternative Iptanus Server”. This should fix the error.

      Regarding the file list, how do you add it in the page? Manually?

      Download of a newer version is not related with the connection to the server. For the moment there is no auto-update function for the Pro version, so you need to download it manually by going to with your account. The new version 4.0.0 that will be released in a few days (hopefully) will include an auto-update function.


    1. Hi, by default files are uploaded to /wp-content/uploads folder of your website. You can change it by setting uploadpath attribute inside the shortcode, or by using the visual editor of the shortcode. Please note that uploadpath attribute is relative to wp-content folder. This means that if you set uploadpath=”uploads” then the real path will be “wp-content/uploads”.


  • How do I get files to upload into dropbox – I’ve activated the link but it’s not obvious. And how do I set this up so I get an email notification that I have received a file. The instructions are not straight forward at all

    1. Hi, I suppose you refer to the front-end file viewer of the plugin. If you want to make it visible for non-logged users (guests), then you need to open the visual editor of the shortcode, go to General tab and check “Select all” and “Include guests” in Browser Roles and Browser Users attributes. If you want to make all files visible, then you need to go to Filters tab and check again “Select all” and “Include guests” in Filter by Role and Filter by User attributes.

      However, I should mention that if the site owner wants to see the files without having to log in, then anyone else would be able to do so.



    1. Hi, there is no single reset function. If you want to reset the plugin here are some steps (for Pro version):

      1. Go to Dashboard / Settings / WordPress File Upload / Maintenance Actions and press buttons Clean Log and Reset Dropbox Uploads.
      2. Go to Settings tab, uncheck all checkboxes, empty all textboxes, set the first option to all dropbdowns and deactivate Dropbox. Then Open File Browser Permissions, uncheck all options in Default Role, set all other roles to “default”, set Default User to “from role” and all other users to “default”.
      3. Go to Hooks tab and delete any hooks you may have created.
      4. Go to Advanced tab, locate any changed options (they will be green) and change them to their default value.
      5. Go to File Transfers and remove any pending uploads from there.

      This is the only way for the moment. Future version will be more simple to do it.



  • Nikcolas,

    Do you have a PM address I can contact you on? I have some specific request which I would pay additionally for.

    I am looking to be able to add multiple files to the same line (so upload 1 and upload 2 in an additional field), is this possible?


    1. Hi, it requires some css code, I can help you with this, what is the URL of the page and what exactly do you want to do?



      1. Hi Nickolas, me too. I need to style buttons on this page:

        both “Scegli files” -> Choose files and “Carica files” which means Upload files.

        I tried several css codes but it don’t work. Which class or id I have to use in order to do it?

        I need to style button and button:hover.

        Thank you

  • Hi There! Great plugin…i’m all set-up, but can’t see anywhere to turn on an email notification for an admin email address when a new file has been uploaded.

    Is this possible on the free version? Where should I be looking for this feature?

    Many Thanks,


  • Hi Nickolas
    I read in an earlier response that support for uploads to Google Drive was being worked on. Just wondering if you can give any indication as to whether an update with this feature is likely to be released soon? It would make the Pro version perfect for our organisation’s needs.

    1. Hi, unfortunately Google Drive support will delay some weeks, because I am working on GDPR compliance of the plugin which is more urgent. I will let you know when it is implemented.



    1. Hi, I just checked. The problem is related to session. Are you using any cache plugins?


  • Not that I would know.

    We use:
    BJ Lazy Load
    Contact Form 7
    Divi Builder
    Divi Extended Column Layouts
    Duplicate Post
    Elegant Themes Support
    Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights
    Icegram – Popups, Optins, CTAs & lot more…
    Monarch Plugin
    Post Types Order
    Social Share Buttons by Supsystic
    SSL Insecure Content Fixer
    UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore
    Wordpress File Upload Pro

    That’s it.

    1. Can you please ask your host if they have changed anything in security settings? Do you use Cloudfare?


  • Hi,
    is there a way to deactivate the inline editor. It is great for admin staff, but I don’t want my website users to make any changes
    Thanks in advance for a reply

    1. Hi, if you are referring to the visual editor of the shortcode, it is only visible to admins, no other users.



  • Hi, when I clip to upload I keep getting –
    ‘upload failed!
    Target folder doesn’t exist.
    File not allowed

    Sorry if this is standard stuff but I’m a novice WordPress user

    1. Hi, this means that the folder you try to upload does not exist. How is the shortcode?



  • Hi,

    Sorry for sounding like a newbie idiot, but I’m not the best at this stuff! How do you get the uploaded files to be viewable? Files are uploaded, they are in the ‘Uploads’ folder, but I don;t know how to display them on a page.

    Thanks in advance!

      1. I am also a newbie and don’t understand how to create a page where the files are displayed… I have the free version.
        Also how do you get the webcam to work?

        1. Hi, you need to add the shortcode [wordpress_file_upload] inside a page. Then you can edit it using the visual editor of the plugin (instructions).

          Here are also instructions about the webcam feature.



  • I cannot get the Select File button to operate? Why could this be. I’ve searched and not seen any other posts experiencing the same? I have disabled any popup blockers. Am using chrome browser.

    1. Hi, the theme’s styling hides some plugin’s styling. Please add the following css code in Custom CSS area of your theme:

      input#upfile_1 { margin-top: 0; }


  • Hi, I bought the pro version and I have a question.
    Is there a way to organize the received files in the same submission? For example I created a user field with to enter a name. When I go to see the results on the page I get duplicated for each file even the user field with the name. The ideal would be that on the column of the user filed “name” only one record and on the other columns many lines one for each file sent. In this way I would be able to better organize the documents. Is there any solution?

  • Do you respond to ANY questions?
    sure doesn’t look like it.
    I can’t get the plugin to work. And it is UGLY.
    it let’s me browse to a file, but cannot hit submit. it’s greyed out.

    1. Hi yes I respond usually within 24 hours. What is the URL of your page to have a look?



  • Hi Great plugin…i’m all set-up, but can’t see the update button at the WordPress File Upload Control Panel

    Is there any solution?


    1. Hi, just answered to your email. Please check for any Javascript errors on the page.



  • hello, i installed the plugin, put the shortcode in the page.
    i can open the browser to select the file, but after selected, nothing chosen and no file name appear, so no upload button activate.

    please help~thanks

  • Hello,

    I am having an issue with how the form is appearing on the page. The response boxes are overlapping with the text. Is there a way I can correct this?

  • Hi,

    I am trying to use the upload for .stl files. Are these accepted? I am getting a warning message saying …’not uploaded’. Other file types work fine.


  • Hi Nickolas,
    Is there a way to assign permissions to uploaded files (e.g. 775) when Folder Access Method is set to normal (ftp is not working for me)? Thanks

  • Hi! When I wrote that I can’t get the plugin to work. It let’s me browse to a file, but cannot hit submit. You asked which theme was used. I sent the page address and the theme.
    But you didn’t answer anymore.
    Can any of your plugins (simple or Pro) work on the page? If so, please write further instructions.

    1. Hi Inna, I apologize for not answering promptly. Please note that the plugin has been developing for more than 8 years. It is compatible with 99% of themes, but not 100%. This is because some themes do not follow WordPress standard instructions on how to render posts and pages. The theme you mention, Gadgetry, has not been tested with the plugin and I never had any other customer using it. I checked it and seems to be an old theme. What was the last time that was updated?


  • I have an SFTP server running in our main office. I want to connect to it from a remote website running your plugin and receive all the uploads directly to my server – bypassing the web server. How can I do this with your plugin?

    1. The uploader’s shortcode has an option to upload files to an FTP location. Open the visual editor of the upload form, locate option Folder Access Method and set it to ftp. Then configure the credentials on the right side. Activate Use SFTP option to use SFTP.

      Please note that SFTP will only work if your web server has the required SSH2 library installed. You can try it with the Free version.



  • Hi, I’ve added the shortcode to forms on my site running the Customizr theme, and it appears correctly but when I attempt to add a file nothing happens. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  • Hello,
    I want to purchased this WordPress File Upload Plugin,
    But i am in Afghanistan, which PayPal is not working here, also I have PayPal account but credits cards are not supported by PayPal, and for the direct bank, the payment at least should be 100$ and also even the banks system is down here.

    I need to purchase this plugin, Please make any possible way to buy that plugin, please add credit cards payment method on our site.

  • After the files are uploaded the uploadmessage is not shown!
    Although for the reset of the upload-form “never” is selected the fields “Select Files” and “upload Files” are reset.

  • Hi
    I’m using the pro version and it’s working nicely now. I can get the user to specify and create a subdirectory then upload files to it. In the file browser I’d like the subdirectories to be shown with the filenames … how do I do this?


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