Since version 4.12.2, released in 28th of December 2019, WordPress File Upload plugin has become more compatible with Elementor page builder.

Elementor is the most popular WordPress page builder plugin, having more than 3 million active installations.

Elementor uses its own way of handling posts, pages and widgets. Page/post contents are not stored in post_content property of WP_Post object but in a custom post meta using a proprietary format.

This caused several incompatibility issues with WordPress File Upload plugin. The most important ones were that: a) it was only possible to add a plugin shortcode (upload form or file viewer) manually inside a post/page, and b) the shortcode composer was not working, so shortcodes could only be configured manually.

Version 4.12.2 brings the following compatibility improvements in relation to Elementor:

  • A plugin uploader or file list instance can now be added in an Elementor page/post from Main page of the plugin in Dashboard.
  • Plugin shortcodes can be added manually inside an Elementor page/post using Shortcode element of Elementor designer.
  • Plugin shortcodes inside an Elementor page/post are displayed in Main page of the plugin in Dashboard normally.
  • Plugin shortcodes inside an Elementor page/post can be normally edited using the shortcode composer.
  • WordPress File Upload Form Widget is deactivated when Elementor page builder is activated.

For any questions or more information do not hesitate to Contact us.

The Iptanus Team

WordPress File Upload and Elementor Page Builder

10 thoughts on “WordPress File Upload and Elementor Page Builder

    1. Yes as long as they are for your own use. If you intend to install the plugin in your clients’ websites, then you need to buy separate licenses.



      1. Sir, how to change the directory of my uploaded file? i have tried (..) double dot in front of my upload path but it still upload the file in default path eg: Uploads. i want to change the directory outside the wp-content

    1. Ciao,
      avevo testato la versione free con il tema DIVI ed inserendo il codice funzionava. Ora ho acquistato la versione Professional ma facendo la stessa cosa non funziona più… dove sbaglio?

  • I’m pasting this shortcode:

    [wordpress_file_upload_browser sortable=”false” pagination=”false” bulkactions=”false” browserrole=”administrator,oral_presenters,poster_presenters,plenary_presenters,spotlight_speakers,award_speakers” candownload=”true” candelete=”true” columns=”file:/File” rolefilter=”administrator,oral_presenters,poster_presenters,plenary_presenters,spotlight_speakers,award_speakers” postfilter=”current”]

    To get just the files uploaded on a specific post. But it’s poping up all the files for that user on the post page.

    This is the link where I am uploading the file for reference.

  • Hi there. I installed the plugin and defined a Google Drive account as the file destination. Does anyone have a link or hints how to build a simple upload form in Elementor so that the videos are saved in Google Drive? Thank’s!

  • Does anyone have a sample page using the pro version and Elementor that is not necessarily elaborate but shall we say has a “professional” appearance….you know, adding some of the pro feature with a good design? Thanks, Tom

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