Please note that WordPress File Upload plugin has just been released!!!

WordPress File Upload plugin, is a plugin that enables you, or other users, to upload files to your WordPress website from any page.

The plugins comes in two versions, professional and free. Professional version contains some additional very interesting features, such as multiple file upload, drag and drop of files, captcha and better monitoring of upload progress.

The characteristics of the plugin are:

  • It does not use flash and handles uploads using various technologies (HTML5, AJAX, classic HTML forms) depending on browser’s capabilities, which detects automatically. As a result it can work in any browser, including mobiles phones (even old ones).
  • You can have more than one instances of the shortcode in the same page.
  • It supports multiple file uploads (professional version).
  • It supports drag and drop of files  (professional version).
  • It includes an overall upload progress bar.
  • It includes details and progress bars for each file individually  (professional version).
  • It includes captcha for checking user before file upload  (professional version).
  • It supports localization.
  • It integrates with WP-Filebase.
  • It is highly customizable with many options.
  • It produces notification messages and e-mails.
  • You can create additional fields that the user must fill in along with the uploaded file.
  • It supports redirection to another url after successful upload.
  • You can create you shortcode very easily by using the included Shortcode Composer in the plugin’s settings inside Dashboard.

For more information about the plugin and how to use it, please visit its support page by clicking here.

You can purchase and download the Professional version of the plugin from here.

WordPress File Upload Plugin Released

25 thoughts on “WordPress File Upload Plugin Released

  • Hello, my name is Karol Phung and I am using your plugin WP-File-Upload. I am very happy with it, and thank you very much for that, but I have a problem and a question for you. I can’t receive the email notifications when they come from an user different from administrator. Why is happening that and how can I fix it?

  • Hello my name is Anna Facecchia and I am using your plugin WP-File-Upload Professional version. I have a problem and a question for you: I have more instances Uploader Instances and the same numbers of Uploaded File List Instances; I need the files that upload the administrator from frontend of one of the instances to be visible only from the upload file list instances corresponding… I would need to define for each Uploaded File List Instances the folder where to take the file list
    It is possible? Help me please!

  • Hi, I have the pro version of the plugin and pagination is not working. The setting is turned “On” and we have set the files per page to “25”

    So far we have uploaded 14 files and only see 10 on the website page.

  • Hello Iptanus,

    I recently bought the WordPress File Upload plugin in order to use it as Shortcode on a Popup window. It doesn’t seem to be working at all. Would you mind to check this issue for me? I have been trying to fix it the whole day with no luck. The website’s url is and the modal windows pop out when you click on upload resume. There you will see your plugin in action.

    Thanks in advance

    Sebastian Rodriguez

  • Hi, I just purchased the pro plugin and uploaded to install which ran fine, no errors. Went to edit settings tab to setup captcha detail and relax the css and it won’t save, shows an Oops error page. I tried to remove plugin and reinstall and still the same issue.

    1. Hi, this is a strange error. Is this a normal WordPress site or a Network one?



  • From the File Browser tab, files that have been downloaded don’t change their read status…they remain highlighted as if the file has not been opened. How do I change the setting so that files that have been opened or downloaded get marked as “read”?

  • Hi Nickolas-

    By read status I mean some files appear in bold while others are unbold. Can I post a screenshot? I assume the unbold signifies “read” while bold refers to “unread”.

  • Also, with the bold files when you place the cursor on the file you get a ‘popup’ menu that lists Details | Rename | Move | Delete | Download but with the unbold files when you hover over the filename, no popup menu activates.

    1. The File Browser displays all the files inside the folders. So there may be files uploaded by the plugin and files not uploaded by the plugin. The plugin allows to manage (download, delete, move, rename etc.) only the files uploaded by it. So, for files not uploaded by the plugin you will not see any actions when hovering over them.

      So, if I understood correctly, bold are the files uploaded by the plugin, unbold files not uploaded by the plugin.



  • Your plugin have a problem with redirect after upload if you use the bind to NGG galery, the redirect will come before the image is save in the galery and then it is not send to the galery of NGG

    1. Hi, redirection and binding with NGG Gallery happen in different processes, so they should not conflict each other. What happens if you deactivate redirection? Does binding with NGG work?



  • Hi.
    It is possible to increase the resolution of the images captured from the webcam. I have tried changing the video parameters of height and width and it does not go over 300×225

    I am trying with different resolutions in this case 1024×468 –>

    [wordpress_file_upload singlebutton=”true” uploadpath=”uploads/fotografias” fitmode=”responsive” uploadpatterns=”*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png” maxsize=”3″ placements=”title/filename+selectbutton+uploadbutton/webcam/progressbar/message” uploadtitle=”Captura de Imágenes” imagename=”%username%-captura” widths=”webcam:1024″ heights=”webcam:768″ userdatalabel=”Nombre|t:text|s:left|r:1|a:0|p:inline|d:/DNI|t:text|s:left|r:1|a:0|p:left|d:” webcam=”true” webcammode=”take photos” videowidth=”2048″ videoheight=”1536″]

    Thank you

    1. Well I am not sure if resolution can be increased. It relates to the way the webcam renders on the browser. What you could probably do is increase the size of the video shown on the browser with css.



  • Hello,

    Currently the functionality uploads files to store the file in the wordpress repository/database. Is it possible to bypass the same and instead have the attached/uploaded file directly sent to the dashboard admin email(consider already configured)?


    1. Hi, in order to send an attachment file to the admin email, the file needs to be stored in the website first. So, I do not think it is possible. Of course, you can have the file deleted after the email is sent, however it is not a reliable solution.



  • Hi – I’m running into an issue since the latest WordPress update hit. When I try to update the ‘allowed file extensions’ field, or the anything in ‘additional fields,’ the shortcode won’t update or give me the option to save changes. The only thing I can change is anything with a toggle switch.



  • Hi, when I upload a file with an allowed filetype I always geht the error message “Hochladen fehlgeschlagen! Dateiformat nicht erlaubt”, upload failed! datatyp not allowed.
    The following shrtcode was generated:
    [wordpress_file_upload uploadpath=”uploads/intern” uploadpatterns=”*.png; *.jpg; *.docx; *.xlsx; *.pptx; *.pdf” maxsize=”5″ notify=”true” notifyrecipients=”” attachfile=”true”]
    I need your help, thanks in advance.
    Hans Jehle

    1. Good afternoon, instead of semicolon (;) please use comma (,) to separate the extensions in uploadpatterns.

      Best Regards


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