Sunday, 11-February-2018. New version 4.3.0 of WordPress File Upload plugin has just been released.

This is a significant update bringing some great new features and lots of improvements.

The most important one is addition of Thumbnails system. Upon activation of this feature from plugin’s Settings, thumbnails will be created for every image uploaded, like what WordPress is doing for every image added to Media Library.

Website screenshot 8

Similarly, a Thumbnails column has been added to the Frontend File Viewer to display thumbnails of the files, as well as a new attribute, Thumbnail Size, to control their size.

screenshot browser design

It is worth mentioning that if the file is not an image (e.g. PDF or doc) and it doesn’t have any thumbnails, an icon corresponding to its file type will be shown. Here is an example of how thumbnails show in the viewer:

screenshot files

Furthermore, a new hook has been added in Hook Templates that converts the Frontend File Viewer from a tabular to a tile format. So if thumbnails are included in Columns, then the viewer turns into a powerful Image Gallery.


The Thumbnails system includes also some Maintenance actions to update or remove the thumbnails and some Advanced options. The Thumbnail system is explained in detail in a dedicated technical article.

This releases introduces some additional features and improvements as follows:

  • A serious bug in Dropbox feature was fixed that was preventing Dropbox uploads when Dropbox Path was set to root path.
  • Link column was included in Frontend File Viewer, which generates a link to the uploaded file.
  • Added ‘Reload on Update’ attribute in Frontend File Viewer. When it is activated the viewer will load only the visible rows and not all of them. This feature is especially useful when the viewer contains too many files and loading all of them from the beginning would delay rendering of the page.
  • File Transfers feature was improved to overcome situations where files failed to be transferred.
  • Other less significant changes of this version include code improvements to make the plugin work better with caching modules, as well as some bug fixes related to FTP functionality and View Log page.

You can check more details in the Release Notes of the plugin’s support page.

Users who have purchased the Professional version of the plugin can download the latest one by logging into their Iptanus account, selecting the order and downloading the new file. Instructions for installing the new version can be found here.

Users of the Free version can update to the latest one using the Update feature of the Plugins section of their Dashboard.

Iptanus team is constantly striving to make WordPress File Upload plugin more user friendly and more bug free, so it will continue issuing new releases. It is reminded that users of the Professional version, will have free updates of the plugin for a lifetime!!!

For any questions, bugs or information please contact us.

The Iptanus team

New Version 4.3.0 of WordPress File Upload Plugin

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  • Hi Nikolas,

    I think the Download link for your new 4.3.0 version may be broken? Can you please send me a direct download link for it – or else double check the website link for me please and let me know when I can download it again.

    Adrian Ferry

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