Tuesday, 30-October-2023. New version 4.24.0 of WordPress File Upload plugin has just been released.

This is a significant update that introduces licensing and external extensions.


A new tab has been added in Dashboard area of the plugin, Licence. This is where the admin can review the license status of the plugin, provide a license and activate it.

In this version there is no need to provide a license. The plugin includes a generic license, which is automatically activated when the plugin is installed or updated.

It is noted that this version is a precursor of the next major version 5 of the plugin. Version 5 will require a license to unlock all of its Pro features. When version 5 is released, the plugin owners can get their individual license from their Iptanus account.

External Extensions

The extensions of the plugin, such as upload to cloud services, are not bundled with the plugin anymore, and for this reason, the size of the zip file of the plugin is significantly smaller.

They are independent modules, which are added to the plugin during license activation, based on which extensions are included in the license.

In this version the admins will not need to take any extra actions regarding extensions. The generic license includes all the extensions, and they are added automatically to the plugin during installation.

One relevant change of this version in Extensions tab is that admins can completely uninstall an extension, besides deactivating it. They can also re-install it, either automatically (from Iptanus servers), or by uploading the extension’s zip file.

When major version 5 is released, the extensions will become separate Iptanus products. Users will be able to buy only those that they need and include them in the plugin’s license. It is noted that for all the existing customers, the plugin’s license will include the seven extensions that they already have, so there is no need to buy them again.

Standalone Plugin Version

The plugin requires Internet connectivity to the Iptanus servers, in order to verify the license, download the extensions and unlock all Pro features.

For environments without Internet (e.g. internal networks), a special standalone version has been developed, which can be activated just by using an additional standalone activation code.

Customers can get both the standalone activation code and the standalone plugin zip file from their Iptanus account.

Iptanus Account

The Iptanus account of each customer of the plugin has been upgraded to include information about the plugin license.

Furthermore, customers can perform license-related actions from there. For the moment, the only available actions are to get the standalone activation code and the standalone plugin zip file.

You can find more details in the Release Notes of the plugin’s support page.

Users can update to the latest version using the Update feature of the Plugins section of their Dashboard.

Iptanus team is constantly striving to make WordPress File Upload plugin more user friendly and more bug free, so it will continue issuing new releases.

For additional information or technical support, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Iptanus Team

New Version 4.24.0 of WordPress File Upload Plugin

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