WordPress File Upload Pro plugin includes Hooks feature, which can be used to customize and extend the plugin according to website owners’ needs.

Hooks feature provides an editor to write custom PHP scripts (hooks), which extend the plugins functionalities. However if a hook contains PHP errors, it may break the website operation.

The plugin provides an internal mechanism that checks the syntax of the hooks and prevents them from being activated if they contain errors, however there are occasions that errors will not be detected.

As of version 4.14.0, WordPress File Upload Pro provides a simple way to restore a website that has crashed because of hook PHP errors.

When such an event occurs, just open the home page of your website appending ?wfu_deactivate_hooks in the URL, like this:


The parameter ?wfu_deactivate_hooks will force all plugin hooks to be deactivated and the website to be restored. Afterwards you can go to your hooks and make corrections to the code.

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The Iptanus Team

Restore Website Operation after Hook Error

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