As of version 4.16.0, Remote Files page has been added in Dashboard area of WordPress File Upload plugin.

Screenshot Remote Files

This page displays all orphan remote files, that is files stored in a remote location (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, Amazon S3 or FTP/sFTP), for which the respective local file (the one in the website) does not exist anymore.

For every remote file the page displays the location and path, as well as some other basic information. It also provides links to the file’s details page, the file’s record in View Log and open/download links in Actions column.

The administrator can also unlink remote files, that is remove them from the plugin’s database. This can be done by selecting one or more files, then setting Unlink option in Bulk Actions and then pressing Apply button.

Image showcasing WordPress File Upload Plugin

Note that unlink operation does not delete these files from their remote location, it just notifies the plugin to remove any link to them.

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Remote Files of WordPress File Upload Plugin

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