Sunday, 28-May-2023. New version 4.20.0 of WordPress File Upload plugin has just been released.

This is a regular update that introduces new features, code improvements and security fixes.


This version introduces a new tab in Dashboard area of the plugin, Notifications.

It displays notifications to the admin that are generated by the plugin.


The notifications are categorized into info, warning and error.

Warning and error notifications are also shown in the Admin Bar to alert the admin.

The notifications can be marked as read or deleted. They may also contain actions that the admin must take.

Google Drive Uploads

Many users, who were using Google Drive uploads feature of the plugin, may have noticed that uploaded files were stuck in File Transfers tab and they weren’t transferred to Google Drive. They had to re-activate Google Drive occasionally so that the transfers were completed.

This version introduces some improvements so that this problem is resolved and Google Drive activation needs to be done only once.

However the users may be asked to de-activate and re-activate Google Drive one time after installing this version. This is necessary so that the plugin receives the correct authorization token from Google.

Cloud Services Notifications

Version 4.20.0 of WordPress File Upload plugin introduces improvements in Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Amazon S3 functionalities so that the admin is notified if there is something wrong with their activation.

For instance, suppose that an upload form is configured to transfer the uploaded files to Dropbox, however Dropbox is not activated from the plugin’s Settings. In this case, when a user uploads a file using the form and the plugin detects that Dropbox is deactivated, it will generate a notification warning the admin that Dropbox requires activation.


Google Recaptcha Bug

Version 4.20.0 of WordPress File Upload plugin fixes a bug that appeared after the previous version and caused the upload form not to work when Google Recaptcha V2 was added on the form.

You can find more details in the Release Notes of the plugin’s support page.

Users can update to the latest version using the Update feature of the Plugins section of their Dashboard.

Iptanus team is constantly striving to make WordPress File Upload plugin more user friendly and more bug free, so it will continue issuing new releases.

For additional information or technical support, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Iptanus Team

New Version 4.20.0 of WordPress File Upload Plugin

2 thoughts on “New Version 4.20.0 of WordPress File Upload Plugin

  • Hi Iptanus Team,
    A few days ago I made the following updates for the “” website:
    – WordPress: 6.2.2 (“File upload” should be compatible according to your information)
    – Avada Theme: 7.10.1
    – WordPress File upload Pro: 4.20.0
    After the updates, forwarding to Dropbox and Onedrive no longer works:
    – Reset activation for Dropbox & Onedrive.
    – WordPress gradually downgraded to version 5.8.7
    No improvement.
    File upload to WordPress server works fine.

    What can I do?
    Thanks very much. Best regards

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