Tuesday, 14-March-2023. New version 4.18.0 of WordPress File Upload plugin has just been released.

This is a regular update that introduces some code improvements and new features, as described below.

Directory Uploads

The plugin can now upload whole folders. This is particularly useful when the user wants to upload all files contained in a folder (or multiple folders). Instead of selecting all files one by one, they can just select the folders.

This feature is disabled by default. In order to enable it, open the visual editor of the upload form and activate option Directory Upload in General tab.

Directory Upload option

Alternatively, you can add allowdir=”true” inside the shortcode of the upload form.

Directory uploads require option Multiple Files Upload to be active too.

After enabling this option the user will be able to select a folder either by pressing Select Files button or by dragging a folder onto the upload form. In the first case (selection through Select Files button) the browser will display a message requesting confirmation by the user.

Then, all the files contained inside the selected folder will be added in the upload form. The plugin will also include all the files of nested folders, if they exist.

Please note that directory uploads is not an official standard yet. It is supported by most common browsers, however its implementation might change in the future.

Update of Vendor Libraries

This version includes updates to the vendor libraries that the plugin uses, especially those related to cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3 etc.).

The “heaviest” updates (involving many changes to files) are those of Google Drive and Amazon S3 libraries.

The plugin has been tested extensively in order to verify that it is working as expected.

However, in case you notice any problems with Google Drive or Amazon S3 uploads, follow these steps:

  1. Roll back to the previous version.
  2. Contact us describing the problem.

You can find more details in the Release Notes of the plugin’s support page.

Users can update to the latest version using the Update feature of the Plugins section of their Dashboard.

Iptanus team is constantly striving to make WordPress File Upload plugin more user friendly and more bug free, so it will continue issuing new releases.

For additional information or technical support, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Iptanus Team

New Version 4.18.0 of WordPress File Upload Plugin

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