WordPress File Upload plugin supports Messenger Notifications, as of version 4.10.0. This means that WordPress website administrators can receive notifications about new uploads to their messenger device, in addition to emails.

To use this feature, we first need to subscribe in WordPress File Upload Plugin Messenger. We need to go to Dashboard area of the plugin, in Settings tab. We locate Messenger Notifications option and we press “Press here” button.

A new tab will open in browser requesting to subscribe in WordPress File Upload Plugin Messenger by pressing “Subscribe in Messenger” button.

When we press the button we will be prompted to login to our Facebook account, if we are not already logged in.

After that, the tab will close and Settings page will reload, showing that Messenger Notifications have been activated.

We will receive a message in our Messenger verifying that we have successfully subscribed in Wordpress File Upload Plugin Messenger.

The next step is to activate Messenger Notifications in the uploader shortcode, so that Messenger notifications are sent when users upload files through that upload form.

We open the visual editor of the shortcode, we go to Notifications tab and locate Messenger Notifications area.

There we activate Notify by Messenger attribute to enable Messenger notifications.

We can configure the notification message with Messenger Text attribute. The default message is shown above. We observer that it contains variable %uploaddetails%. This variable will be replaced by a link providing more details about the upload when the message is sent.

Here is how the message that we will in our Messenger looks like when we upload a new file through the form:

If we press the link a new tab will open in our browser providing more details about the upload:

The link is accessible only if we are logged in the website as administrators. This is an additional Privacy protection so that upload details are not exposed through the message.

The displayed upload details can be configured through Upload Details attribute in the shortcode.

For any questions, problems or suggestions, please contact us.

Messenger Notifications with WordPress File Upload Plugin

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