Many users experience the error “Iptanus Services Server Unreachable” when they open Main tab of WordPress File Upload plugin’s page in Dashboard, as shown below:

Iptanus Services Server is unreachable.

This error denotes that the plugin cannot communicate with Iptanus Services Server to perform some tasks, such as check latest version and get Dropbox keys. The most important implication of this error is that Dropbox function will not work.

The possible causes of this error are the following:

  • The user’s web server is blocking outgoing requests to Iptanus domain at
  • Iptanus web server is blocking incoming requests from user’s domain.
  • PHP fopen function cannot open URLs because PHP directive allow_url_fopen is deactivated (set to 0).

Here are steps to resolve this error:

1. Go to plugin’s Settings in Dashboard, activate option Use Alternative Iptanus Server and save.

Use Alternative Iptanus Server option

2. Go back to Main tab and check whether the error has gone.

3. If the error is still there, go to Settings again, set Post Method option to cURL and save.

Post Method option

4. Go back again to Main tab and check whether the error has gone.

The above actions will work in most of the cases. If the error still persists, then deeper troubleshooting is required. In this case please get in contact with Iptanus support.

The Iptanus Team

Iptanus Services Server Unreachable Error of WFU Plugin

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