WordPress File Upload plugin does not only upload files, but it also displays them in various ways.

There are currently two ways to display uploaded files:

  1. Through the Dashboard for logged users
  2. Through a page or post for any user (logged or not)

The Dashboard File Viewer

The Dashboard File Viewer enables logged users to view and manage the files they have uploaded from their Dashboard, by going to Dashboard / WordPress File Upload:


In order to enable this screen for logged users, the website administrator needs to configure user permissions from the plugin’s Settings. The administrator can define view, download, edit and delete permissions for every role and every user separately:



This display option works only for logged users. Furthermore, the users can view and manage their own files only.

The Front-End File Viewer

The front-end File Viewer enables all users to view and manage uploaded files:


The front-end file viewer can be added in any page or post, either manually by adding [wordpress-file_upload_browser] shortcode in the page/post contents, or by going to the plugin’s Main page in Dashboard and adding a new Uploaded File List Instance as shown below:


The front-end file viewer has many options for determining which roles and/or users will be able to view the list, which files will be shown, what actions are allowed (download, delete), what information will be shown and what will be the labels of column titles.

These options can be defined manually by adding specific attributes inside the shortcode. A detailed list of these attributes can be found in the plugin’s support page, in File List Attributes section.

Furthermore, an easier way to define them is by using the Visual Editor of the shortcode, as shown below:


The front-end File browser has minimum styling, so that it can inherit the styling of the website’s theme. However, its elements have appropriate classes, so that administrators can easily modify their styles using CSS.

For any questions or further information, please contact us.

The Iptanus Team

File Viewer of WordPress File Upload Plugin

21 thoughts on “File Viewer of WordPress File Upload Plugin

  • I use “Ultimate Member” to prohibit logged user to back-end. Can “The Front-End File Viewer” let logged user see their own files in front-end?

        1. Hi, yes the front-end file viewer can be configured so that it is visible only to logged users and logged users can see only their own files.



  • I need to change the date format shown in front end file viewer. I have translated po files, my wp is not in english, posts show the date correctly in catalan (the site language), but your plugin shows the month name in english.

    How can i change the date format of date column to dd/mm/yyyy (all numeric)?

    1. Hi, the latest version of the plugin contains filters for reconfiguring the columns of the file viewer. Here are instructions for you:

      1. Go to Dashboard / Settings / WordPress File Upload / Hooks and add a new hook.
      2. Give it any title you want.
      3. Put the following code in Code box:

      if (!function_exists('wfu_file_browser_edit_column_date_handler')) {
      function wfu_file_browser_edit_column_date_handler($cell, $file, $additional_data) {
      $cell["contents"] = date('d/m/Y', $file['mdate']);
      $cell["sort_value"] = $file['mdate'];
      return $cell;
      add_filter('wfu_file_browser_edit_column-date', 'wfu_file_browser_edit_column_date_handler', 10, 3);

      4. Set Status to Active and Save.

      You are done.



  • I’m looking for a plugin that would allow my unconnected visitors to upload photos on a order page but it would be necessary that the uploaded photo is also visible on the page of the upload form the time they choose the options that we propose.
    can your pro plugin do that?
    thank you

    1. Hi, the plugin can allow visitors (unconnected users) to uploads photos. These photos can be shown in any page using the plugin’s file viewer. However I do not understand the last part. Do you want the photos to be visible conditionally using some options? what kind of options?



  • Hi is it possible for the user to see a list of the files that he uploaded on the same page that he uploaded it on?

    1. Hi, yes this can be done with the Professional version of the plugin that provides a file viewer for this purpose. The file viewer can be placed in any page or post, even together with the upload form (in this case when a file is uploaded the file viewer is updated automatically).



  • Hi team,
    This is a great plugin for what it is intended for. Thank you for making it available. I suggest you add few more installation screenshots. For instance it would be great to show a screen after an actual doc is uploaded. Another showing how a doc viewing page should look like, example a file link or icon to click on to view the document. Thank you!

  • With this plugin are we able to put uploads in categories, so that when displaying you can restrict users from accessing other documents by grouping them into categories

  • Hi,

    Does this plugin have a custom permission built-in? My use-case would be to assign roles that are not Administrator to manage the Uploaded Files, without having to fallback to allowing them the “manage options” permission which would give them access to all settings. Is this possible?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi, the Pro version provides a front-end file viewer, from where users can view the uploaded files (their own or others’, depending on the configuration of the file viewer). They also have some certain permissions on the files, like downloading or deleting them (again this can be configured). Is this what you want?



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