This article explains how to resolve “Upload Failed! File not allowed.” error when uploading files with WordPress File Upload plugin.

This error means that the file was rejected because either its extension or its filename were not allowed. Here is a list of actions to resolve this problem:

  1. Check file extension. The first thing to do is to check the file extension by following the instructions in Allowed File Types of WordPress File Upload Plugin article.
  2. Check filename. If everything is Ok with the file extension but the error still persists for some files, then the next thing to do is check the filename. Files containing more than one dot (.) in their filename (e.g. myfile.1.jpg) are by default not allowed, in order to protect the website from threats related to double extensions. This behavior is controlled by variable Wildcard Asterisk Mode, located in Advanced tab in the plugin’s area in Dashboard. To disable the dot restriction, set it to loose.

Please note that WordPress File Upload applies a strict policy regarding filenames and types of uploaded files. This is part of the overall security measures, adopted by the plugin, to protect against hacking attempts. You can read a detailed description about WordPress File Upload Security in this article.

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File not Allowed Error of WordPress File Upload Plugin

4 thoughts on “File not Allowed Error of WordPress File Upload Plugin

  • Hi, is this Advanced tab only available in the Pro Version? Currently I have Free 4.0.1 version installed and can’t find it.

  • Hi there

    I would like to purchase the pro version but i have some problem using the free version:

    1. i want to upload .stl and .obj file, but your plugin have forbidden due to security issue, please advise.

    2. I setup my upload path as “uploads/users/%username%” and enabled “Create Upload Path”, however when i test try to upload a .doc file, the file goes to /uplaods/2017/10. Please advise.

    3. Continuing from question 2, after i successfully uploaded the .doc file, no successfully message pop-up.

    4. I added drop down in the “additional fields”, so after my visitors successfully uploaded their files, where does the “additional fields” information be shown?

    5. I have chosen upload roles as all users except guest. When i surf my web as a guest, there is no upload area be showing on the page. Can the plugin be adjusted to give notice to the visitors to sign in instead of hiding the upload area?


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