WordPress File Upload plugin is able to send email notifications when files are uploaded.

The recipients, the message subject and body, as well as more advanced options, can be configured using special attributes of the shortcode.

The easiest way of setting-up email notifications is by using the Visual Editor of the plugin. So, after we open it, we go to Notifications tab and we enable Notify by Email option:


Then we set Email Recipients at the right-hand side, as a comma-separated list of known email addresses. If we want to include the email of the user who uploaded the files, we add the dynamic variable %useremail%, either by typing it in the textbox or more easily by double-clicking on the useremail button which appears below the textbox.


The editor has preconfigured Email Subject and Email Body, which we can change according to our needs. There are a lot of dynamic variables that we can add, such as user name, user email, filename, filepath, post id etc. If the uploader includes additional fields that the user must fill-in, we can also add them using theuseredata button.


We can also include the uploaded files in the email as attachments, by enabling Attach Uploaded Files option.

Advanced Options

We can define advanced options using email headers, such as format of the email (plain text or HTML), email address and name shown as the Sender of the email etc. We add these headers in Email Headers box, such as:


If we want to configure the notification email even further, so that its elements (recipients’ list, subject, body etc.) are dynamically generated using PHP, we can do this using wfu_before_email_notification filter. We can implement this filter using the Code Hooks feature of the plugin.


Sometimes, even if we configure the notification email correctly emails are not sent. In most cases this is not a fault of the plugin but it is caused by misconfiguration of outgoing email settings of the website, or by security restrictions of the web server.

A common solution to this problem is to install an SMTP plugin, like WP Mail SMTP or any other. This kind of plugins reconfigure the wp_mail() function of WordPress to use SMTP instead of PHP mail(). There are a lot of free SMTP plugins that can be found through and instructions on how to configure them.

For any questions or more information, please contact us.

The Iptanus Team

Email Notifications with WordPress File Upload Plugin

37 thoughts on “Email Notifications with WordPress File Upload Plugin

  • I don’t have the notifications panel on the WP interface. What is wrong?
    WP 4.5.3, Plugin 3.9.0

  • I still am having problems uploading and also saving a file I created as a JPEG file or photo. When I upload this file, I want it to open as a photo on my website.


  • Hi, is it possible to have just a variable to show in the email notification the %foldername% where the file will be uploaded? I don’t need to show the entire filepath! Thank you.
    Greetings from Italy

  • Is it possible to create 2 different notification emails? One notifying me of getting a new upload (with all info I need), and another for a user as a confirmation of his upload (with a thank you message)?

    1. Yes it can be done with a plugin hook. Who can upload? only logged users or even visitors?



  • Hi, is it possible for the email notification to show link to dropbox file ,%foldername% , where the file is uploaded? Thank you.

  • Well, there might be this “WP Statistic” plugin, which is capable of sending notifications. However, I do not use this feature. I checked my other plugins and it seems none of them uses email notifications. And there is, of course, the wordpress engine, that notifies me as soon as anybody replies on my articles and so on…

    1. You can try to install a plugin hook that performs advanced logging. Maybe it gives some more insight about the problem.

      Do you have the free or pro version (instructions change)?


  • Hi
    I can see that it’s possible to send a notification to the user.
    Is it possible to send a notification to the admin email address too?

  • Hello,

    I would like to notify the uploader and 3 others when a file is uploaded. I currently am receiving the emails at the 3 fixed addresses, but not at the uploader email. I tried using the dynamic field %useremail% (or %userdata3% in which this corresponds to the field where they entered the email address) but it does not seem to be sending an email to the person uploading.

    1. %useremail% will work only if the user is logged in. Remove it from the list and try only with %userdata3%. Does it work?


      1. Hi, I buyed the PRO version, and I can´t notify to another additional email that %user data 18% (user’s email captured).


  • Hi!
    Is it possible to show data from other plugins in the notification email?
    I use Ultimate Member plugin and I want to embed all the custom user data what they provided in a form.

    Thanks for the help in advance!

    1. Hi, it can be done using wfu_before_email_notification filter of the plugin. I can help you if you want.



      1. Hi Nickolas,
        I purchased the Pro version and wrote an e-mail about this issue.

        Thank you for your help in advance.


  • Whatever I insert in !Emaikl Headers” i receive “WordPress” header, am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hi, if you want to change the sender’s name and email, then you should put the following in the header:

      From: Nick Boss

      Just replace Nick Boss with your own name and with your email.



  • Hello
    i tried to customize email notifications if files are uploaded. But somehow all modifications with variable attributes ( eg %filename% in the Subject line, any %UserdataXXX% in the body ) but also the setting of the attach uploaded files button to ON do not change anything in the emails that we recieve after upload of a test file? They still look the same as before even though the shortcode seems to be updated as expected? also a refreshing of the page did not change anything..
    Did i miss something??
    This is our website:
    Thank you in advance!!! Help is really appreciated.

  • Hi,I’ve been trying for a long time to fix email but this message just doesn’t work:
    File loaded correctly but with warnings!
    The notification email was not sent due to an error. Please check the notifyrecipients, notifysubject and notifymessage attributes.
    The Madre.jpg file has been loaded successfully
    here is the string that is entered Notify by Email:,% useremail%, is this correct?
    Thank you very much

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