After 3.5.0 version, WordPress File Upload plugin supports Dropbox uploads. Administrators can choose to transfer the files uploaded by their website visitors to a Dropbox account.

To enable Dropbox uploads, we first need to define a Dropbox account and allow the plugin to have access to it. We do this very easily by going to the plugin’s Settings in Dashboard:


There is a Dropbox Uploads option there which shows that Dropbox Uploads are not activated and prompts to press the “Press here” button. By pressing this button, a new page appears informing that “WordPress File Upload Plugin would like access to the files and folders in your Dropbox” as shown below (in case you are not logged in your Dropbox account, then you will be first asked to log into your account):


Press the Allow button to go to the next screen, which displays a code:


Copy the code and paste it into the textbox of the Dropbox Uploads option in plugin’s Settings as follows:


After pressing the Finish button, approval process will complete and you will see the “Activated” text, as shown below:


Now you are ready to enable Dropbox uploads to your WordPress File Upload plugin instances, by adding manually the attribute dropbox=”true” inside the plugin’s shortcode. If you wish to use the Shortcode Composer, then go to Interoperability tab and enable the option “Upload to Dropbox”, as shown below:


Another two options are provided:

  • The ability to define the destination directory at the Dropbox account by setting dropboxpath attribute into the shortcode, or by setting Dropbox Path option using the Shortcode Composer. If this directory does not exist, it will be created when a file is transferred to the Dropbox account. If no destination path is set, files will be transferred to the root of Dropbox account.
  • The ability to determine if the local file will be deleted or not, by setting the value “delete” or “keep” in dropboxlocal attribute into the shortcode, or by setting Local File Action option using the Shortcode Composer.

After enabling Dropbox uploads, files that the website visitors upload through the WordPress File Upload plugin will be transferred to the Dropbox account that we have set.

For any questions, problems or suggestions, please contact us.

The Iptanus team

Dropbox Uploads with WordPress File Upload Plugin

63 thoughts on “Dropbox Uploads with WordPress File Upload Plugin

  • Having the same problem as Cynthia. Pressing the “Press Here” does nothing. I have tried on safari and Firefox with popup blockers disabled.

  • Hi. I’m having the same problem and, of course, need to get this sorted for a client as soon as possible. We have been experimenting with other plugins that could access DropBox. They have been uninstalled. Running latest WP and version of plugin.

  • Same problem. “Press Here” does nothing. I’ve not installed any other plugins/widgets that use Dropbox.

        1. unfortunately Dropbox API does not work for 32bit systems, this is a restriction from Dropbox because 32bit servers cannot handle files larger than 2GB, what you can do is ask your host to upgrade your system to 64bit

  • Is it possible to have files upload to different folders within Dropbox based on a dropdown selection when submitting the file?

    Say I had Drobox folders labelled “Joe,” “Bob,” and “Sally.”
    Could I let people choose which Dropbox folder they uploaded to?

  • When your server environment is 32-bit and you don’t plan on uploading anything larger than 2Gb, you can make this work by editing the RequestUtil.php file in plugins/wordpress/file-upload-pro/vendor/dropbox/. Look for “if (strlen((string) PHP_INT_MAX) < 19) {" on line 19. Change the 19 into 9, and you will get the link-to-Dropbox popup as described on this page. You can connect and you can upload; I've tested with 300Mb files and it works.
    Of course, THIS STOPS WORKING as soon as the plugin gets an update and any changes are reverted.

  • I am having the same issue. Just bought the plugin today and have spent ages configuring. Now I want to connect it to Dropbox and I cant.

    Its a 64bit server and there are no other dropbox plugins. The ‘Press Here’ does nothing. I have tried Chrome and IE.

    Any ideas?

    1. Hi, when you open the main page of the plugin in Dashboard, you see the version of the plugin. Do you see next to the version number a message saying “You have the latest version” or something like this?

    1. There are 2 possible reasons for this problem:

      a. Memory problems. Please try to increase the memory of your WordPress website.
      b. Your host rejects ajax-admin.php requests for some reason. You need to get in contact with them and ask them.



  • I have just downloaded 3.9.6 and am having the same issues. Is there any solution to this as Dropbox connectivity is the main reason I chose this plugin?

  • Hi all,

    I have the same problem : nothing happens when pressing Dropbox “press here” button.
    Wordpress is 4.7.2, File Upload is 3.9.6, server is 32bits with php 7.1.1
    In advanced parameters, I tried some Dropbox settings
    There is no other plugin using Dropbox, I also tried other themes.
    No success yet.

    Thanks for help.

    1. If you have 32bit version then try to activate option Force Dropbox to Work for 32bit Servers (set it to true) in Advanced tab in plugin’s area in Dashboard.



      1. Hi Nickolas,
        thanks but this is one thing I tried in the Advanced tab but with no success.

        Another question : when userXYZ uploads files to wp-content, who is the owner of those files ?
        Or say it differently, can you force owner of the uploaded files to be userXYZ ?


        1. Please go to the Main tab of the plugin’s area in Dashboard and send me to a screenshot of what you see.

          Regarding the second question, yes you can change the owner of the file. Use the File Browser in Dashboard area of the plugin, locate the file, open it for editing and from there you will be able to change the owner (the one who uploaded the file).



  • I have the Pro version setup and I’m trying to get Dropbox to Upload from WordPress to Dropbox Automatically without having to go to the File Uploads Control Panel and click Upload to Dropbox.

    How would I do this?


    1. Hi, you need to activate Dropbox in the upload form you have set up. You can do this using the visual editor. Go to Interoperability tab. There you will be able to activate Dropbox uploads. After you do that, when a file is uploaded it will be transferred to Dropbox automatically.


  • Hello Nickolas,

    I already have this set to ON and also set to KEEP A COPY.

    How it looks:
    [wordpress_file_upload placements=”userdata/filename+selectbutton+uploadbutton/message” userdata=”true” userdatalabel=”Company Name|t:text|s:top|r:1|a:0|p:right|d:/Additional Notes about Images|t:multitext|s:top|r:0|p:right” dropbox=”true”]

  • It seems to be working now.

    Not sure why all I changed was Local File Action to Delete.

    Thanks for replying to me,

  • Hi,
    I’ve selected DROPBOX upload in interopability.
    However I cannot get the Dropbox uploads ACTIVATED in the settings tab. When I click “press here”, nothing happens.


  • The comment did not let me copy the error messages I see in the console (“security error), I will try here but I will probably have to edit out some of the text

    Looking at the browser console I can see:
    POST /admin-ajax.php 500 (Internal Server Error)

  • ..more errors (heavily edited)
    wfu dropbox authorise app start wordpress file upload adminfunctions js 394

    on click options general.php page = wordpress file upload action = plugin settings 326

  • userdata=”true”

    How can I pass a prefilled VALUE to the input fields? (from a GET parameter or a shortcode)

    Thank you

    1. Hi, this is not so straightforward. I suppose it can be done with some Javascript code, right after the page loads. The code will read the value (probably stored in an element) and and put it in the right input field. I can help you with the code.



  • hello,
    i activated dropbox uploads, but my files are signed as pending in in the file transfer dialogue, they are just uploaded to WP upload…i tried different dropbox paths with no success…
    [wordpress_file_upload singlebutton=”true” fitmode=”responsive” placements=”title+message/selectbutton+filename+filelist” notify=”true” notifyrecipients=”” dropbox=”true” dropboxpath=”/ADK_Input” dropboxlocal=”delete”]

  • Hi, this plugin was transferring files to dropbox perfectly then one day it just stopped, i have tried a lot of things to get the files sent to dropbox but no luck, it uploads to the directory still, any ideas



    1. Hi Adam, do you have access to the error log of your domain? Maybe there is something recorded there that could help.

      Go to plugin’s area in Dashboard, in Maintenance Actions tab and press “Reset Dropbox Uploads” button. Do you see any change?


    1. When you open the visual editor of the shortcode and go to Interoperability tab you will see the Dropbox settings. In there you will see Dropbox Path. An empty path means that files will be uploaded to the root of the Dropbox account.


  • Hi Nickolas
    I am setting up File Uploader Pro on Staging but I am unable to activate the Dropbox functionality. Looking at the debug log, I see;
    10-Jan-2018 08:56:48 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function get_page_permastruct() on null in /home/content/n3pnexwpnas02_data02/69/41206369/html/wp-includes/link-template.php on line 357
    [10-Jan-2018 12:14:40 UTC] PHP Warning: file_get_contents( failed to open stream: Connection refused in /home/content/n3pnexwpnas02_data02/69/41206369/html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-file-upload-pro/lib/wfu_functions.php on line 2802
    [10-Jan-2018 12:23:21 UTC] PHP Warning: file_get_contents( failed to open stream: Connection refused in /home/content/n3pnexwpnas02_data02/69/41206369/html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-file-upload-pro/lib/wfu_functions.php on line 2802
    [10-Jan-2018 12:23:21 UTC] PHP Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to Kunnu\Dropbox\Dropbox::__construct() must be an instance of Kunnu\Dropbox\DropboxApp, null given, called in /home/content/n3pnexwpnas02_data02/69/41206369/html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-file-upload-pro/extensions/wfu_dropbox/_wfu_dropbox.php on line 23 and defined in /home/content/n3pnexwpnas02_data02/69/41206369/html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-file-upload-pro/vendor/dropbox2/kunalvarma05/dropbox-php-sdk/src/Dropbox/Dropbox.php on line 103

    On the Status page

    Edition Professional
    Version 4.2.0 Iptanus Services Server is unreachable. This may cause problems in some plugin functions. Please contact for details.
    Server Environment 64bit (Your server supports files up to 1 Exabyte, practically unlimited)

    1. Hi, when you go to Main tab of the plugin’s area in Dashboard, do you see any message like “Iptanus server unreachable”?



  • Same here “Iptanus Services Server is unreachable”.

    My server environment is 64 bit, PHP 5.6.33 and file upload pro 4.2.0

    Unable to activate the Dropbox functionality.

        1. Hi, the Dropbox path is normally defined through the shortcode. So if you open the visual editor of the plugin and go to Interoperability tab, there you will see an option to activate Dropbox in the shortcode and also define Dropbox Path, which is relative to your Dropbox account root path. You do not need to define ‘Dropbox Default Path’ in Settings.



          1. Hi, Thank you , I have been able to get the file uploaded to the server and also to Dropbox. Another issue has come up , I would like to have the precede the filename with the username, if I add %username% to the upload path, the upload fails as the upload goes to “*uploads/bob/file.text”, what I would like to achieve “*uploads/bob.file.text”
            Thanks again

  • My server has a fairly low limit for filesize when uploading. Does your pro version of the plugin bypass the server’s upload limit so large files can be uploaded directly to my Dropbox?

  • hello i purchased the Pro version and have activated dropbox uploads, but my files are signed as pending in in the file transfer dialogue, they are just uploaded to WP upload…i tried different dropbox paths and other dropbox accounts with no success…
    i sent you a personal email 4 days ago with screenshots of all the settings i inputed.
    Please help!

    1. Hi, I didn’t see your emails I am sorry. Send me your shortcode to check. As an initial action, go to Maintenance Actions in Dashboard area of the plugin and press “Reset Dropbox Uploads” button. Any change?



  • Hi Nickolas,

    many thanks for developing the File Upload plugin.
    I just purchased the Pro version and I seem to be having some issues with enabling file upload to my dropbox account. I try to follow the instructions that you have here, but when I press the “Press here” button, either being on Firefox or Chrome, it doesn’t do anything (I suppose there should be some kind of pop-up window or something).
    Am I doing something wrong?


  • We have the pro version and have enabled Dropbox uploads. The files are uploaded to the WordPress server but don’t get uploaded to Dropbox. They are stuck in the Pending File Transfers queue
    Our shortcode
    [wordpress_file_upload multiple=”false” createpath=”false” redirect=”true” redirectlink=”/thankyou/” placements=”userdata/title/filename+selectbutton+uploadbutton/subfolders/captcha/filelist/message” notify=”true” notifyrecipients=”” notifymessage=”Dear Larry,%n%%n%A new file has been uploaded from:%n%Filename: %filename%%n%Company: %userdata1%%n%Email: %userdata2%%n%Docket Number:%userdata3%%n%%n%Best Regards” widths=”userdata:500px” heights=”userdata_label:50px” userdata=”true” userdatalabel=”Company Name|t:text|s:left|r:1|a:0|p:inline|d:/Email Address|t:email|s:left|r:1|a:0|v:1|p:right|d:|g:0/Docket Number|t:text|s:left|r:0|a:0|p:right|d:” dropbox=”true” dropboxpath=”/website_uploads/”]

  • But I have a question.
    You can limit access only to users to see from Dropbox with pictures?

    I want to display an image in the startup image and when to click on it, redirect the user to the Dropbox to see all the images. Access to the dropbox is for registered users only.

    Thank you

    1. Hi, if I understood well, you have a file viewer inside a page, where you show images to users. When a user clicks on an image, you want to be redirected to a Dropbox folder that contains a set of images. How is the Dropbox folder URL defined? Manually by the admin?



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