Webcam Capture is a new feature of WordPress File Upload plugin to capture screenshots or video from the device’s camera and upload it to the website.

This is an experimental feature, because it is not yet supported by all browsers. For the moment it is supported by the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Opera. Latest mobile versions of Firefox and Chrome also support it but partially. Unfortunately Safari does not yet. Mac and iPhone users will have to wait until it is implemented for Safari as well.

When Webcam option is enabled using the visual editor of the plugin, live feed from the webcam will show up on the page.


Overlay buttons enable webcam actions, such as screenshot capturing, video recording and playback. Depending on the Capture Mode defined by the administrator, the users can:

  • record video using the red button screenshot86 at the bottom-left cornerof the webcam window
  • take a screenshot using the yellow button screenshot87 at the bottom-right corner of the webcam window
  • turn the webcam on and off by using the white button screenshot85 at the top-right corner of the webcam window.

Video Recording

When recording video, the red button flashes while a stop button also appears, together with a timer showing the recording time. When recording stops, playback buttons appear so that the user can review the recorded video. In addition, the Upload Media button below the webcam window is enabled, allowing the user to upload the captured video:


The user can either preview the video by using the playback buttons, upload it using the Upload Media button or return back to the live feed.

Through the plugin settings,administrators can define the following settings for webcam capture:

  • if audio will be included or not
  • the preferred video width
  • the preferred video height
  • the preferred video aspect ratio
  • the preferred video frame rate
  • the maximum recording time
  • the camera source (front or back camera if supported by the device)


It is noted that preferred settings will be applied only if they are supported by the camera.

Screenshot Capturing

When pressing the yellow ‘aperture’ button the live feed freezes and Upload Media button below the webcam window is enabled. If pressed, the screenshot will be uploaded to the website as an image (PNG) file.


For any questions or information about webcam capture, please contact us.

The Iptanus Team

Webcam Capture with WordPress File Upload Plugin

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