WordPress File Upload plugin is a very powerful and secure front-end file upload plugin.It supports captcha feature as a security measure to avoid automated unauthorized uploads by robots.

The plugin uses the very well know Google Recaptcha. It supports both versions, the old and the new one, as shown below:


To displaythe captcha just edit the shortcode using the Shortcode Composer, enable the Include Captchaoption and select a captcha from the list:


There are 4 options for captcha type:

  • RecaptchaV1: this is the old (version 1) Google Recaptcha
  • RecaptchaV1 (no account): this is again the old (version 1) Google Recaptcha, but it does not require keys to work (as described below)
  • RecaptchaV2: this is the new (version 2) Google Recaptcha
  • RecaptchaV2 (no account): this is again the new(version 2) Google Recaptcha, but it does not require keys to work (as described below)

If you select RecaptchaV1 or RecaptchaV2, you also need to define Google Recaptcha keys using your Google account. You need to go to Google’s Recaptcha website, get the keys and add them to the plugin’s settings, as shown below:


TheRecaptchaV1 (no account)and RecaptchaV2 (no account)are special options that use Iptanus secure servers to generate the captcha and they do not require keys. They are useful when you do not have a Google account or when you want to display more than one instances of the captcha on the same page, which is otherwise impossible for Google Recaptcha V1.

For more information or questions, just contact us.

The Iptanus Team

Captcha Feature of WordPress File Upload Plugin

11 thoughts on “Captcha Feature of WordPress File Upload Plugin

  • This is a great plugin and thank you for helping us out.

    The captcha option doesn’t appear in the Shortcode composer.

    Is there a reason why?

    Where can we find it?


  • hello, so I added the site key to the settings, and I added the button in the instance placement section, but the page loads without displaying the captcha. what am I missing?

  • I added the site key and private key, the captcha displays, and when you click it it provides the green check box meaning all is well (not a robot), but when the “Upload File” button is then enabled and pressed, it says “Unknown Captcha Error!” and surrounds the captcha with a bright red box.

    I have tried everything. Please help!

  • Hi, how can i control the size of captcha windows, because it shows me the checkbox windows first , but when i click on i am not a robot it change to select the picture with trafficlight (for example) , but i cannot see any picture because the windows is small and dont change the height and width. Thanks

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